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Oversized, generously filled packets for larger garden spaces.
Packet prices are $5.99 each

"Blue Lake Pole"

Early maturing Blue Lake pole beans produce great tasting pods in a wide variety of weather conditions. These vigorous vines grow quickly and yield abundant harvests of deep green, six-inch stringless smooth, round pods with rich flavor. Blue Lake's reliability and great taste have made them a true favorite for home gardeners.

(Eschscholtzia californica)

The official State Flower of California. Beautiful and delicate to the eyes, but amazingly hardy. Very tolerant of drought and poor soil with bright, showy flowers held high on sturdy stems. Reseeds itself in milder climates. Ht. 12 in.
 These annual, native wildflowers provide color and beauty throughout the growing season. Selected for California gardens, the mix contains Plains Coreopsis, Globe Gilia, Mountain Phlox, California Poppy, California Goldfields, Chinese Houses, Godetia, Five Spot and Sky Lupine. Ht. 1-2 ft.
"Slow Bolt"

This Newest Slow Bolt Variety Is an Essential Ingredient for Today's Cooking. Piquant Spicy Flavor Adds Special Flavor to Everyday Cooking. Pollinator Friendly, Easy to Grow Variety. Ht. 1-2 ft.
"Silver Queen Hybrid

The long-standing favorite of white corn enthusiasts for several generations, Silver Queen is the variety that folks throughout the country look forward to eating every summer. Silver Queen is highly regarded for its delicious, full flavored ears of pearly white, juicy-sweet kernels.
A lovely mix of annual flowers providing pollen and nectar for garden visitors. Contains: Sunflower, Nasturtium, Zinnia, Calendula, Love-in-a-Mist, Sunset Flower, Scarlet Flax, Dwarf Coneflower, Indian Blanket, Larkspur, Lemon Mint, Spurred Snapdragon and Alyssum. Ht. 1-3 ft.
NASTURTIUM SEEDS, "Jewel Mixed Colors"
(Tropaeolum majus)
An old-fashioned favorite for window boxes and pots, this compact variety blooms continuously all season in a wide range of colors. Large seeds, easy and safe for children to plant. Easy to grow. Ht. 12 in.
"Super Sugar Snap"

Award-winning Super Sugar Snap "eat the whole thing" peas are sweet as sugar with juicy pods. This improved variety offers gardeners larger, more succulent pods with more peas, higher yields earlier in the season, sweeter flavor and reliable disease resistance. Enjoy these garden treats fresh off the vine, in salads or briefly stir-fried for delicious and nutritious quick meals.
SUNFLOWER SEEDS, "Autumn Beauty Mixed Colors"
(Helianthus annuus)
All the colors of autumn are featured in this mix of burgundy, red, gold, yellow and bi-colored flowers. Large, 8-inch blooms with long stems make great floral arrangements. Good choice for any sunny garden. Ht. 5-7 ft.
SWEET PEA SEEDS, "Royal Mixed Colors"
(Lathyrus odoratus)
These deliciously scented flowers have been adored by gardeners for centuries. The vigorous, climbing vines are early to bloom with large flowers in striking colors. An excellent choice for showy borders and for cutting. Ht. 5-7 ft.

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